What is Biozym Q10 100mg?

Coenzyme Q10 is an essential antioxidant that is present in every cell in the body. It is essential for energy production and as an antioxidant, it reduces the harmful effects of free radicals which are the cause for many diseases. Q10 protects the cells from premature aging and participates in maintaining the normal function of the cardiovascular and nervous system. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system and it is used in the prophylaxis of migraine headaches. Helps maintain healthy levels of CoQ10 in patients undergoing treatment with statins. It is recommended in chronic fatigue conditions of unknown origin and generally has a positive impact on the quality of life.


Properties and Effects of Biozym 100mg Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is found in mitochondria, a cell organelles, which are responsible for the process of energy creating. The highest concentration of coenzyme Q10 have organs that have greater energy needs: the heart, the liver and kidneys.

After the 35th year of age, the body rapidly loses the ability to synthesize the necessary amounts of coenzyme Q10 by 50% and it is necessary to be taken as a supplement.

Coenzyme Q10 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing lipid peroxidation of LDL cholesterol. Studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 reduces high blood pressure. It is also known, that this compound protects the stomach and duodenum.

Other studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 positively affect some types of allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases, degenerative diseases of the nervous system (Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease). FDA has approved the use of coenzyme Q10 in the treatment of mitochondrial encephalomyopathy.

Cholesterol lowering drugs, can reduce the level of coenzyme Q10 and can cause muscle problems, so it is recommended an additional intake of coenzyme Q10 in patients receiving statin therapy. As a powerful antioxidant it participates in boosting the immune system and shows good results in slowing the aging process.

Coenzyme Q10 is often used in treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome of unknown origin. During intense physical activity (athletes), due to the increasing amount of free radicals, it is recommended an additional intake of coenzyme Q10, which helps to restore the cellular energy reserves.

Advantages of SYNERGY Biozym Q10 100mg:

  • Only 1 capsule per day meets the needs of the body
  • With addition of Bioperin®, the absorption of Synergy Biozym Q10 rises by 30%

Additional information

Состојка / Ingredients / Përbërje

Количина / Amount / Sasi

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)


Bioperin® (piperine)


Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol)


Дозирање / Dosage / Dozimi

Една капсула на ден после оброк.
A capsule per day, after the meal.
Një kapsulë në ditë pas ngrënies.